How to Dry and Store the Vegetables You’ve Grown

Drying vegetables for future use is much easier than other options like canning or freezing. It’s also much safer because micro-organisms can’t thrive and grow in dried vegetables. Historically, drying is one of the oldest food preservation methods and drying meat, fruit, and vegetables in the sun was really the only available option for centuries.

How to can the Vegetables from your Garden

Canning the vegetables from your garden gives you the assurance of safe, clean processing, better tasting foods preserved at the peak of flavor, control of chemical additives and a big savings at the grocery store. There are no surprises when you can your own vegetables and it’s an easy process to learn and do. *Equipment

Dry Vegetables how to Dry and Store Vegetables Store Dried Vegetables

How To Dry And Store Vegetables The process of drying vegetables is exhausting although technically there is very little to explain. The little pouches of dried vegetables to be added to the instant noodles and soups that are available in the grocery stores are in fact a result of a very simple (yet time consuming)

Great Ways to Cook and Serve Kale

Kale is a variety of cabbage and a member of the wider brassica family. As such, it often knows the same unenviable reputation of being flavorless, uninteresting and generally unpleasant to eat. The fact is that kale and other cabbages are delicious and nutritious when they are cooked properly, and kale can be cooked in

How to Roast Garlic

Roasting garlic gives dishes big garlic flavor. Fortunately, even if you only have a few spare minutes, roasting garlic does not take too much time. This article will not only direct you on how to roast garlic but also how to do it properly so that the garlic doesn’t have any bitterness. Choose any type

How to Prepare Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is abundant and affordable in the winter, and makes a great side to dish to many fall and winter meals. It’s loaded with beta carotene, vitamin C and fiber making it a nutritious addition to your meals, and it’s also lower in calories than other winter side dishes such as potatoes. And best

Brewmasters Choice Brown Ale Review

As a Canadian trying to find new beer to enjoy, it’s all too easy to focus on the import section of the beer store. As it stands, most of my favorite products come from either Europe or the U.S. Occasionally I feel as though there should be more local brews on my favorite beer list.

Tasty Ways to Cook Chard

Chard is a vegetable native to the Mediterranean Sea part of the world and a member of the same family as beetroot. It is extremely nutritious, being high in vitamins A and C as well as a number of other essential nutrients. It is the leaves of the plant which are eaten and although they

Banana Burrito

A crispy crust, coated in cinnamon sugar, drizzled in chocolate, surrounding a soft, golden center…a thought that is simply mouth watering. Fried bananas and plantains are often used in Central American cooking as a tasty, succulent treat, and adding just a little Mexican flair to them can make everyone happy when the time for dessert

Pressure Cooker Choices that Work

The idea of pressure cooking can be very scary to the uninitiated. However, once they experience the taste factor, they will be convinced that pressure cooking is the way to go. Wondering why they never experimented with this type of cooking in the past, those who do pressure cook will find all kinds of foods